Virtual Business Solutions

StrikeWorks offers extensive cloud computing services for Los Angeles businesses and healthcare providers. Not surprisingly, virtual business solutions are currently one of the most talked about trends in information technology. It’s convenience and reliability are why more and more organizations are opting to move their operations completely online. With modernized processes and applications, SMB and healthcare providers can now experience enterprise-level solutions at a fraction of the cost.

Not only that, but a virtualized infrastructure can also offer advantages in the areas of performance, scalability, and even security. By switching from an old-fashioned system with future-proof technology, customers will enjoy a better customer experience. As a result, they will be happier with the services provided!

Cloud Computing Services Los Angeles and Orange County
Cloud Business Solutions

Precise Cloud Computing Services for Los Angeles Businesses

A fully digital platform provides small and medium businesses access to enterprise grade technology without the capital expense. Additionally, maintenance and support costs normally associated with an in-house IT staff are also drastically reduced. So depending on business requirements and personal preferences, an entire infrastructure can be moved online, or just parts of it. Our team can take care of the whole process, or just assist as needed.

Flexible Cloud Business Services

Converting all operations online is really the only way to keep up with the times. StrikeWorks can facilitate seamless, cost-efficient, and quick migration of applications and processes. With an energetic development approach, expect rapid project delivery and vigorous training with seamless communication. Our DevOps platform provides the capacity to automate IT operations, so that infrastructure can be changed, deployed, and scaled up or down quickly and efficiently. Additionally, solid blueprints are provided to maximize self-reliance, and to establish best practices to monitor systems.

From Microsoft Azure to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and more, we cover the entire spectrum. Our local specialists ensure a smooth and efficient transition, with custom solutions to scale for our clientele.

Cloud Services

Explore all the advantages cloud computing services have to offer!