Customer Satisfaction: A Powerful Tool

One of your most effective tools for expanding your business might surprise you. Never underestimate the power of satisfied customers! These influential individuals often help startups become well-established in remarkably brief periods of time. Today companies around the world enjoy powerful methods for relying on this resource more effectively. Use customer reviews to help market your brands cost-effectively to targeted audiences.

Word of Mouth Advertising

Why do the opinions of satisfied customers carry so much influence? Many studies have demonstrated the importance of word of mouth advertising. Have you ever recommended a product or a service to other people? The odds remain excellent if you’ve run across a really outstanding brand in the past, you’ve probably shared this information with others. Most people enjoy helping family and friends locate solid values.

In fact, this phenomenon represents a double-edged sword (of sorts). While satisfied customers do frequently recommend businesses to their acquaintances in a positive way, customers who sustain negative experiences express their views too! An astonishingly high percentage of customers rely on the recommendations of their friends. This tendency means modern enterprises maintain a vested interest in providing superb customer service.

Two Classic Illustrations

Two brick-and-mortar examples demonstrate the remarkable effectiveness of word of mouth advertising. Consider these examples as you plan your next marketing campaign. They testify to the vital importance of customer feedback:

Network Marketing

One of the largest and most successful industries today, the MLM (or “multi-level marketing” business) rests almost entirely upon the power of customer referrals. Companies selling products through a network marketing model generally replace fat advertising budgets with “downline” commissions. Instead of running commercials, for example, these enterprises permit individual sale representatives to develop impressive sales organizations. Word of mouth advertising from customers largely generates new business.

Promotional Products

Another example of the importance of word of mouth advertising involves the use of promotional products. If you’ve ever received a logo-bearing complimentary gift from a merchant, you’ve likely told others about your experience! Perhaps you’ve worn a free T-shirt or used a complimentary pen displaying the name of the company. For decades, businesses have invested in promotional merchandise to help generate “goodwill”. This result typically occurs in the form of delighted recipients sharing the name of the business with friends and neighbors.

Building Your Brand Today

Today, new and exciting opportunities allow firms around the world to build enhanced brand loyalty through the word of mouth advertising supplied by satisfied customers. For example, millions of customers trust Google reviews to supply helpful information about goods and services of interest to them in the commercial marketplace. The development of the Internet has allowed a satisfied customer on one continent to share information with other people scattered around the world. Perhaps favorable customer word of mouth advertising has never before played such a significant role in the sale of merchandise and services!

Effective Online Fan Support

Indeed, online sites supplying forums for the exchange of views and opinions permit customers to offer insights into a dizzying array of products. By cultivating brand loyalty using digital methods, businesses enjoy a remarkable chance to promote their lines cost-effectively to a huge potential market of interested prospects. Whether your company sells consumer goods, industrial items, or services, you can harness this technology to your advantage. Modern online “word of mouth” ads fill review sites and social media postings.

Examples of High Tech Word of Mouth Advertising

If you doubt the power of customers as effective business marketers in cyberspace, simply consider the rapid growth of apps and video testimonials designed to help individuals access specific goods and services. Frequently, delighted customers have helped engineer and create these products. They supply a vivid illustration of the importance of obtaining fan support for a particular brand. Loyal customers today frequently go online to express their satisfaction. Their comments reach a potentially massive audience and may influence the purchasing decisions of others.

Use Customer Feedback Effectively

Resolve now to incorporate customer feedback into your next marketing campaign! Negative comments can help you improve your business operations; positive comments often hold the key to boosting the impact of promotional and branding efforts. By taking steps to tap into the enthusiasm and support offered by loyal customers, your firm optimizes successful promotions. Some measures to consider involve soliciting honest customer feedback, encouraging the expression of voluntary testimonials, and rewarding customer loyalty. This approach help enterprises craft cutting-edge digital marketing campaigns!

Customers: a Powerful Marketing Ally

Today businesses recognize the importance of word of mouth advertising. Statistics demonstrate customers help (or hinder) your business. It makes excellent marketing sense to exceed their expectations!

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