Digital Marketing in New Orleans: Why is it so Important?

New Orleans is home of some of the most cultural aspects in the United States. From eating po-boys to Mardi Gras, New Orleans has become one of the most cultural tourist destinations in the United States. Aside from all of the fun and games, we’ve also became one of the best areas for new tech startups and entrepreneurship. New Orleans is home to Lucid, zlien, Launchpad, and many other startups that have expanded all over the world. Digital marketing in New Orleans has become essential and we’ll tell you why.

Entrepreneurs Are Creating the Future of New Orleans

Digital Marketing in New Orleans

Marketing in New Orleans isn’t an easy task. New Orleans has some of the best restaurants in the United States but this market has became oversaturated and more difficult to gain new and recurring customers. With new inbound marketing tactics, other local businesses can easily be stealing customers that you don’t even know about.

Hospitality is super important if starting a business in New Orleans. Regardless of how much of great customer service your business offers, it’s still inevitable that you’ll eventually get a negative review or two. These negative reviews can ultimately and quickly destroy a business and you can lose customers almost instantly. Did you know that 50% of consumers who conducted a local search on their smartphone visited a store within a day, and 34% who searched on a computer or tablet did the same? Think about it like this. If you’re a local of New Orleans and you were looking for a new restaurant to try out, do you just show up to the restaurant with no insight or do you actually check the review status and photos before becoming a customer? This is how important having a positive business reputation is here in New Orleans.

Small businesses come and go in New Orleans. The problem is that the market becomes so cluttered and there’s so much competition. Wouldn’t it be great if you can actually track how well your competitors are performing so you can do better? This is why we’re here to help. We track your competitors and fight to outperform in the online space. You didn’t start a business to handle your own marketing, did you? The thing is, digital marketing is necessary in 2018 and without it, your business can fail as soon as it’s started. Whether you offer a product or service, we help grow your business so you don’t have to worry about it.

New Orleans SEO

Let me explain how difficult it is to have a good Google ranking status in the New Orleans market. Mostly every time somebody opens a business, the first thing they do is build a website or get somebody to do it for them. The problem that most of these businesses are coming across is that they’re not implementing an actual digital marketing strategy. Yes, a website is essential, but is it converting and actually generating more leads and customers? We dedicate our business to driving leads into your website and converting them into actual sales.

There’s many web design companies and branding agencies in New Orleans offering SEO packages that don’t know much about SEO in the first place. These agencies usually figure that most web design companies in New Orleans are offering SEO, so why not do the same? When this happens, a client signs on, gets no results and complains that digital marketing doesn’t even work which isn’t nearly true. We’re an actual New Orleans SEO company and we dedicate our efforts to gaining more conversions.

Learn More About Common Marketing Terms

Here’s why we’re so great. We drive customers into your website and make them convert. Most SEO companies track metrics such as link clicks, basic cost per click, and general traffic. We dive deeper into your business’s market and find the best way to obtain customers. We’ll be tracking pretty much any possible metric we can get our hands on. This includes transactions, calls, and form-fills.

New Orleans Web Design

You and your business are simply wasting time either trying to build your website from scratch or attempting to learn new marketing tactics. Time is critical, and there is no time to waste when starting a new business. A business building a website themselves is like us trying to construct our new office location… we can’t do that. Our websites are built to generate actual sales for your business and is what we’re good at. We turn our client websites into sales machines to drive customers into your business and also keep them coming back.

Having a website isn’t even the end of it. Now what’s next up is analyzing the website and tracking what works and what doesn’t. The key is to outperform your competitors by physically making your marketing your baby. So now you’ve built your own website and now have two choices. You can either let your website sit where it is, generate no traffic, and wait for the domain to expire right before going out of business. OR, you can hand the work over to a professional so we can treat it like a baby while watching over everything it does and feed it what it needs.

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing


“Our business works on referrals” – is what many business owners will say when debating about how they feel digital marketing and how it doesn’t work for them. Of course it runs on referrals if you have minimal business and don’t plan on taking it to where it needs to be. The problem is that referrals have moved online and we call these reviews.

How Much Can a Bad Review Hurt Your Business

negative reviews

There’s a dozen platforms out there now that customers and clients are using to post positive AND negative reviews about businesses. There’s many such as Google’s own Google My Business, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Facebook, and the list goes on. What you most likely didn’t know is that as well as scaring customers away from your business, negative reviews also impact your Google search engine rankings.

Print & Media Advertising

Does it still work in 2018? Partially. But the problem is that most of our client’s leads that work with us see dozens of more leads come from our services. There’s not much you can track with traditional advertising. The couple of options you have are tracking phone calls and coupon codes. Wouldn’t it be great to know exactly where your leads and customers are coming from? The key is to track every single metric you possibly can to get the full story on who your customer is, where did they come from, and if you have what they want.

How marketing has transformed in 2018:

  • Direct Mail has turned into Email Marketing
  • Radio has turned into Music Streaming
  • Newspaper, Magazines, and Billboards have turned into Pay-Per-Click Advertising

newspaper business


Whether your business is trying to get more sales or keep the customers they currently have, you’ll need a strong, dedicated digital marketing strategy to stay afloat now and in the future. New Orleans is a small, but competitive market to start a business and it’s almost essential to have a professional take care of your digital marketing. Digital marketing in New Orleans isn’t easy and without an actual strategy, your business can become the loser while your competitors become the winners.


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