3 Online Areas Where You Need Marketing Experts

If you own or operate a business that has an online presence, then you need to have the best marketing strategies working for you. However, this often easier said than done. If you don’t have the necessary expertise yourself, then you should consider getting professionals involved. That way you don’t miss out on opportunities to grow your brand. Here are three key areas to consider getting marketing experts for:

Traditional SEO

Traditional SEO used to be all about keyword stuffing. Now, however, the landscape is different. Google likes to see quality content, and stuffing in a bunch of keywords doesn’t matter as much. Instead of just cranking out articles with keywords, you need to have solid content that engages your audience, as the time they spend on the page is calculated into SEO rankings. So are the numbers of links from high-quality sites linking to your site. This takes time, relationship building, and expertise. It’s better to outsource this function than spend all day doing this when you could be growing your business.

Amazon Marketing and SEO

Amazon is one of the most powerful platforms for marketers all over the world. It’s a reputable online source for product reviews, its customers are generally wealthier than the customers on competing sites, and since rolling out their 3rd party selling platform, Amazon has focused on giving sellers the marketing tools they need. However, there are many factors to master. Knowing what titles get the best rankings, what pictures to use, and how to A/B test pages is an art in and of itself. Amazon is an internet giant with a lot of potential. This is one area where hiring a marketing expert can really make or break your business model.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is certainly not dead. It is still one of the most powerful marketing channels around. However, far too many businesses still don’t use the best practices with email. They either send boring emails (like newsletters), don’t send them often enough, or the opposite: they send them too often. Without email copywriting experience, you are shooting in the dark. A great email marketer can increase your open rates and your conversion rates. Customers still like getting information on sales, coupons, and products, so if you’re doing it right it can be a great way to get return on investment.

If you find yourself not making as much profit as you possibly could, then there is room for your marketing efforts to improve. The three areas above can be compelling for the right businesses that bring experts into their companies and take their growth to the next level. So don’t hesitate, if you want more profit and peace of mind, invest in people who can help you achieve that.


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