It’s no secret that video is huge on the internet and, with that, an excellent marketing tool for certain businesses. Rising platforms like TikTok make shorter form pieces an appealing option, while stalwarts like YouTube will host everything up to a feature-length film.

Wondering how best to get started? Good. We’ve got a list just for you. Here are the 8 steps it takes to create a winning video and win more customers in no time.

  1. Come up with the concept. Don’t start shooting until you know the overall idea of not only what you’re trying to convey, but what audience you’re trying to reach.
  2. Storyboard the idea. Draft up a simple flow of the “scenes” of your video. Even on the back of a napkin works, just make sure you don’t skip this step.
  3. Draft a script. Be open to edits and know that whether you have people actually speaking or just have a voice-over, you’ll need to keep the words tight and the message clear.
  4. Pre-production planning. Will you be onsite, or somewhere outside? Check the weather. Do you have all the equipment ready and available? Are you using a director? Quite a few questions will need to be answered before you shout “Action!”
  5. Shoot the film. It’s finally time to record. Whether live-action or animation or a simple screen share with a voice-over, make sure you do plenty of takes and “B” roll.
  6. Edit the work. Because you’ve shot so much extra footage, editing should be a breeze. Make sure you have licenses for any music or images you use in the final cut.
  7. Find a place to host the video (YouTube or Vimeo). It may depend on your audience, length of the piece and purpose, but it’s not uncommon to host your video on multiple platforms, so don’t be afraid of making your reach as wide as possible.
  8. Build it and they will come, never works. Be sure to have the support and course of action to get the word out on the video. You’ve invested so much energy and time, it’s worth a big push to get it in front of the right eyeballs.