As leaders, it’s our job to make sure our team has the means and support to do their job well. And as workers head back to the office – if not just for a couple of days a week – it’s important they have the tools to do their jobs in this new hybrid world. And it’s not enough to just be productive, your people want to feel like they have a purpose in what they do.

These tools will help your team excel and also feel good about doing it.

1. Team Building

How do people feel about working for you? Or about the work they are doing in general? This is not one to take lightly. The good news is there are plenty of apps to help you take the temperature of your team in real-time. Software like Office Vibe, Bonusly, Nectar, and Assembly all help with peer-to-peer recognition as well as anonymous surveys to give your staff a chance to make suggestions and voice concerns.

2. Communication

When people are working remotely and asynchronously, it’s important to give them an easy way to share information. There have been many virtual communication tools available over the years, but it wasn’t until now that we understood how critical they could be. It’s not to say email is dead, but people do want more instant correspondence options. Microsoft Teams and Slack have both filled this space quite well.

3. Getting Together

Two challenges when it comes to meetings. One is scheduling. But products like CalendarHero and ScheduleOnce make it all easier by integrating with your work events and providing available options to anyone with a link. The second challenge is, how do we get everyone together when the team is distributed? Zoom is the go-to tool and has been for a while, but don’t ignore the value of Google Meet, GoToMeeting, and BlueJeans by Verizon.

And there are other areas to consider as you wade into the hybrid/remote realities of today. You’ll want to consider document management, onboarding, hoteling, project management, and HR apps like Zenefits. A simple good search on any of these and you’ll have a ton to choose from. But take it slow, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed if you don’t implement these one at a time.