Last fall, we saw the release of the new iOS 15, but the improvements have not stopped coming since then and more are on the way with Apple’s latest update. Version 15 was significant in creating new features like SharePlay for listening to tunes and watching videos on FaceTime, but this latest iteration brings some things that only our modern-day circumstances could have predicted – like combatting nefarious stalking and still being recognizable with your mask on.

The first feature worth mentioning is just that. Face ID will now work with your face covering still on. The facial recognition algorithm has been tweaked to identify key features around your eyes as quickly and accurately as it used to do to your whole face. That’s quite a feat and has obvious beneficial applications into the future.

Secondly, the Cupertino company’s continued progress around inclusion and diversity is witnessed in the new Siri voice option. There will now be 5 American voices, the latest one recorded by a person in the LBGTQ+ community to sound gender-neutral. For those that are curious, a Google search will lead you to example audio of what the new automated voice sounds like.

Probably the biggest PR nightmare of late for Apple has been around AirTags. They were created for adhering to any personal belonging like your keys, wallet, or luggage, so you could always know right where things were. It didn’t take long for stalkers to find them useful as well. So in the new version of the operating system, there is a stern message reminding users that stalking is illegal. In addition, you will be able to tell if there is an unknown tag within your general vicinity to help you root it out.

Along with these major enhancements comes other perks as well, like 30+ new emojis, improved health record management, as well as updates to PassKey and Apple Card. So when you see that little red dot show up on your settings icon, this will be an upgrade you should be sure to get.