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Reliable IT support outsourcing for Los Angeles and Orange County small to mid-sized businesses, legal, accounting, healthcare and more. We combine the essentials with a comprehensive platform to keep your operations running at peak performance. With our worry-free 24/7 team at your convenience, avoid unexpected repair costs and reduce downtime.

Our IT company offers a suite of solutions to create custom strategies built to meet specific needs. As a partner, clients become part of the family. Trained technicians actively oversee all systems to keep them up and running day and night. So whether the requirements just call for routine maintenance, security, or full-blown cloud solutions, we take care of it all.

Additionally, as a vital part of our platform, we also protect core infrastructure processes. Round-the-clock monitoring, along with on-demand help desk solutions, ensure that issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.

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Businesses are often only as good as the technology they operate on. So our goal is to provide the most extensive solutions around. With exceptional outsourcing capabilities, entire infrastructures are protected by a superior team of technicians. They discuss where the organization currently is, where it is going, and what challenges it is facing. As a result, we’ll create a custom program, giving only the exact solution needed in a cost-effective manner.

With a highly-skilled staff, along with powerful resources at their disposal, problems will be resolved before they are even noticed. Our remote monitoring allows us to check on any system 24-7. Above all, we strive to ensure all systems are up and running within a protected environment, day and night.

Our IT Company Reduces Downtime

Looking to increase productivity for your business and simplify processes? Choosing StrikeWorks is the first step in getting started. We proactively oversee systems and equipment, and work behind the scenes to catch and remediate network problems before they affect operations. Just some advantages of choosing our team include:

  • Predictable budget & fixed monthly cost.
  • Scalable solutions customized to each organization’s requirements.
  • Proactive monitoring to ensure potential issues are blocked.
  • Patch management, including third-party software.
  • Health checks with daily, weekly, and monthly reports.
  • Quick response times.
  • Expert 24-7 customer assistance.

In addition, our advanced solutions put us in a leading position to carefully structure a program tailored to the exact needs of any business. Most importantly, we strive to prevent issues from even happening in the first place. As a result, we are able to deliver fast, reliable and flexible fixes. No outages. No one sitting around waiting for things to work. We create an environment where teams can succeed. It’s time to take back precious time in your day by outsourcing a strategic partner to take care of all infrastructure needs.

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