Leadsster: The #1 LinkedIn B2B Lead Generation Company

Leadsster: B2B Lead Generation Company

Leadsster: Lead Generation Company for B2B Businesses

StrikeWorks would like to invite Leadsster into the family as another solution to obtain clients. Leadsster was created to supply the industry of B2B entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches, and agencies with a solution to their biggest problem… generating quality leads.

As a marketer myself, I’ve always wondered why it was so difficult to obtain leads when we’ve done so well with our own clients.

What I found out is that we were’nt alone.

Marketers tend to have a hard time finding clients because they’re already good at what they do… generating leads for other industries that aren’t so familiar with digital marketing tactics.

The goal was to partner with other marketing agencies that were having the same difficulty as we were.

As the #1 new lead generation company on the market, we were able to find the solution to this.

This means more appointment bookings, phone calls, emails, you name it.

Using LinkedIn for B2B Lead Generation & Digital Marketing

What did we find as our solution?


Rather than using cold email outreach when prospecting clients, we decided that a personal approach to the prospect is the way to go.

We spent time studying winning sales copy, A/B testing campaigns, sales processes, etc.

You get the idea.

Eventually, we were able to offer a full-service lead generation solution for B2B businesses struggling with sales outreach.

The goal was to offer our lead generation clients with a full-service LinkedIn marketing strategy that works for all B2B businesses.

Generate Qualified Leads on Autopilot Using LinkedIn

Leadsster has the ability to qualify your ideal prospects for you.

We initially build out prospect lists that are highly targeted towards key decision markers at the company.

Leadsster then crafts award-winning sales copy for you so you don’t have to.

Next step is automating A/B tested messages to build rapport with your ideal prospects.

We’re able to reach out to 2,000 prospects a month with our tested outreach campaigns.

Imagine having too many leads to even handle.

I mean, just look at some of the results we’ve gotten for our own SEO agency

Leadsster Proof

Leadsster has affordable pricing starting as low as $99/mo.

What does this mean?

  • Less money spent on paid ads
  • No chance of ending up in a spam folder
  • Higher conversion rates for outreach campaigns

If this isn’t impressive enough, Leadsster offers a free consultation for their lead generation services.


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Ready To Grow Your Business?