It’s no secret people use their mobile phones more than desktop computers to manage many aspects of their day-to-day lives. Many of these daily actions include:

  • Social media
  • Banking
  • Email
  • Texting
  • Maps
  • Shopping & more!

The activity for the last one on this list – shopping – has spiked incredibly over the last two to three years, with no slowdown in sight. Here are some stats that should easily convince you that not only is e-commerce conducted over mobile devices (sometimes called ‘Mcommerce’) legit, but that if you’re not giving your customers the mobile experience they expect on your website, you could be left treading water in the wake of competition very soon.

  • According to Pew Research, 97% of U.S. citizens have a cellphone, and, of that, 87% are smartphones.
  • As of January 2020, mobile usage accounts for over 50% of web traffic, with desktop surfing making up over 40%. (Merchant Savvy)
  • A report from early 2021 showed that nearly half of survey respondents spend an average of five to six hours on their smartphone daily, not including work-focused usage.
  • According to Statista: Total mobile retail is over $330 Billion in the U.S. and over 65% of all online sales are over a mobile device.
  • Per Oberlo, consumers feel purchasing by mobile saves time. In 2021, while mobile shopping was most convenient, still 90% of mobile shoppers believe that the mobile buying experience could be better.

These statistics are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how prevalent mobile buying is, not just in the U.S., but worldwide. The other things to factor into the mobile buying experience are:

  • How people use QR codes to pay in certain environments like restaurants.
  • How peer-to-peer apps like Venmo are morphing into business payment tools.
  • How mobile ‘wallets’ are being leveraged in touch-free brick-and-mortar scenarios instead of inserting a physical debit or credit card.

In other words, paying by a mobile device isn’t just about a few clicks on Amazon, it’s now bigger than that. It’s transforming how we think and feel about purchasing just about anything and everything. Make sure whatever you’re selling is supported by an easy commerce experience.