Most of us are terrible at creating and then remembering passwords. And then as a fix, we write them down somewhere, create a note on our phone called “passwords”, or worst of all simply make all our passwords the same phrase. What’s to remember?

The challenge for businesses is that studies show that hackers don’t access your data by compromising your servers using super ultra-fancy code that storms through your firewall. No, instead they simply get access to some basic employee information online and then start guessing at passwords those people might be using. That might seem far-fetched, but ask yourself how many passwords include your pet’s name. See? And it doesn’t matter if you added an exclamation point to the end of “Fluffy123,” they will still figure it out.

So, what’s a smart business leader like yourself to do?

It’s time you graduated to a password management app to keep you and your staff’s information safe once and for all. Here’s a quick list of a few to check out, along with some things that make them unique. They most all have some sort of free version, offer about 1GB in storage, offer login sharing options, and provide two-factor authentication. Here’s what else:

LastPass – Provides options for protecting the passwords in your “vault,” including synchronization with tools like Google Authenticator and Symantec VIP. It also works with YubiKey hardware token options and has a biometric reader feature.

NordPass – Available on Windows, Macs, and Linux, this is a relative newcomer to the industry. It is an add-on service offering from the very popular service, NordVPN. It has a clean, simple interface and lists all your vaults for very easy access.

Password Boss – This app works with all major operating systems and browsers. It also has a very robust onboarding process that gives you peace of mind that you’re set up correctly. Additionally, it monitors the strength of your passwords for you, ensuring you never get lazy with your approach.

LogMeOnce – This application offers a wide range of security products and solutions, and password organization is just one of those. Excellent access for both desktop and laptops.