There are four primary browsers on the market, but only one reigns as the most used and most popular. Chrome is so prevalent, you may have never realized that there was actually any other product to choose from.

With over 80% of the market – and with Microsoft Edge a very distant second at 6% – Google’s dominant web surfing platform could be everyone’s preference for years to come. And that’s a good thing because web developers from around the world have created handy ‘Extensions’ that, with one click, can boost your productivity at work tremendously. From time management to organizational support, there are various plugins that can do just about anything!

Here are a few to learn more about. But only if you want to take your work to the next level.

RescueTime – What better way to be productive, than to see when you’re not being productive? This app tracks your browsing history over the course of your day and reports back on where you went and how long you were there. And, of course, will likely show you just how much of a time suck those quick visits to your favorite social media sites really are.

Loom – Asynchronous communicating is a growing trend in the world of remote work. Why have a Zoom call when you can simply make a video, explain your point, and send a link? Your team can then respond back in kind and, Voilà, time saved! This plugin is the best in this department, with an easy interface and drop-dead easy ways to share a link to your vid.

Hunter – This one may seem too good to be true for your sales team. After install, simply visit any webpage of a prospective client, click the Hunter icon, and instantly every email, name, and title of any employee found anywhere on the site will be displayed for you. And then download them to your email list and let the lead nurturing begin.

Pocket – Great for snagging images, blurbs from blog posts, or entire web pages and saving them for later when you have the time to check them out. No more clunky bookmarking of pages. And they recommend other content for you from around the web, based on things you’ve shown interest in. This tool can be your second brain.

Happy ‘Extensioning’!