SEO & Fitness: How are They Similar?

If you’re familiar at all with how SEO works, you understand the time and hard effort it takes to build a working strategy and set goals to achieve. It seems like a lot of businesses don’t completely understand how effective it is to implement an SEO strategy and how much time it actually takes to start while progressing over time. It starts to feel like building a working strategy is just as complicated as seeing results from working out.

Build Your SEO Fitness Program

The key goal here is to create your SEO fitness program. You wouldn’t want to just start a workout without stretching and writing your actual workout routines. You also cannot just jump right into implementing SEO without any prior knowledge of how Google works and how they rank content. Expecting results right away is like deciding to run a marathon without any prior stretches. Expecting results in SEO right away usually ends in either crash and burning using black hat techniques or you just won’t have any actual rankings at all.

Google is more powerful than anybody completely understands. Think about it. If Google was just the front-end search page you see, they wouldn’t have office locations in over 50 countries. Google understands more than you think they do and they constantly read your website with their crawlers or robots. Day in and day out, Google scans each page in-depth of your website to search for content they feel is relevant and worthy to rank higher than its competition. It’s important to keep these pages maintained with great content and try not to confuse Google’s crawlers as much as possible.

If you do understand some SEO, you understand some of what it takes to build a strategy. This can consist of tiring keyword research, competitor analysis, meta descriptions, alt tags, the list goes on. If you’re not familiar with SEO and would like to understand some of the basics, take a look at our FREE SEO checklist we have available to download that can help you to implement the most common tasks necessary to build a working strategy. SEO takes a lot of work, and we over at StrikeWorks Media can help build a working strategy to assist in outranking your competition while understanding what Google and other search engines want to see.

Setting Goals

You’ll always want to set goals for your SEO strategy just like you would do in the gym. You’re 100 lbs overweight and you’d like to lose that 100 lbs over time. Eventually, you’ll want more and get addicted to living that healthy lifestyle you desire. With SEO, you can set the most common goal to rank your website pages for the keywords used in your specific industry. When you’ve accomplished the bare minimum, now is the time to expand and find ways to boost other specific content or pages.

You don’t want to just rank your homepage. The goal is to rank all of the pages and blog posts throughout your website. For example. If your business offers services, you’d want those services pages to rank higher to gain more conversions, right? This would mean more qualified leads and not just anybody stumbling across a page or content they weren’t looking for in the first place.

You Stop, You Lose Everything

If you workout for months to years and decide to completely stop going to the gym and keeping up with your fitness schedule, you’ll lose everything you worked hard for. You wouldn’t want this to happen with your SEO, right? The problem is, this is the case with fitness as well as SEO. Google changes its technologies and algorithms every day and if you’re not keeping up with the curve, you’re destined to fail.

For example. Google recently pushed out their new mobile-first index update. What this means is that Google learned how much people are dedicated to their smartphones and decided to put those mobile-friendly websites on top, for mobile AND desktop. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly like Google wants, you’ll most likely be outranked by your competitors that are mobile-friendly. Again, this is not only for smartphones but desktops as well. Nobody knows what Google’s algorithms will look like in the next few years. Hell, nobody even knows if they’ll be called Google in the future as Alphabet has been acquiring new software companies daily.

The problem is there’s many “web design agencies” and web hosting businesses that will attract you with the word SEO when they don’t know much about it in the first place. You’ll want to be ahead of the curve and want a digital marketing agency you can trust to get the job done and always understand where Google and other search engines are heading in the future.

Progress Over Time

Eventually you’ll start to see progress over time if you work long and hard for that SEO strategy just like you would do if you were at the gym. Building more content, fixing technical issues on your website, implementing those keywords into meta tags, all of this will assist in your business’ SEO strategy over time.

The question for a business owner is do you actually have time to manage an entire new aspect of your business or would you prefer to do what you do best and let the professionals handle it?


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