Social media got a renewed energy in the past 12 months, and it looks like that trajectory will carry into 2022 and beyond. And while you may have some social media tactics in place for your company, things are far from business as usual, so being up on what the future holds is going to be crucial to ensure you stay competitive.

Check out these 3 coming trends in the social space that are worth keeping an eye on.

1. Influencers, But Not What You Think
This goes beyond the Kardashians. But, actually, in the other direction. It’s not about finding the biggest, most popular celebrity in the world to promote your products, but instead placing your bet on what are called “micro-influencers,” people with a strong presence on a given platform, but limited followers. Many brands are finding big results with small investments in Instagram stars, for example, with just a few thousand faithful followers. Turns out, the niche markets can yield higher percentage sales than going with the more well-known “weblebrities.”

2. Meeting Customers Where They Need You Most
When a customer needs assistance, they don’t want to have to track you down. While the trend on many websites seems to be hiding phone numbers or even just not allowing people to call their company in any way at all, now is the time to be more accountable than ever. Put together monitoring and listening mechanisms on Twitter, as one example, so you can not only learn what people are saying about you, but so you can answer help and support questions as they arise. Why let any online conversation about your offerings exist without you being a part of it?

3. New Realities Are Your Reality
Whether it’s augmented reality or virtual reality, the new normal is approaching. Facebook didn’t change its name to Meta for no reason. The new name announcement is a shot across the bow for all businesses to stand up and take notice of what’s coming in the world of marketing. While many people are not quite bought-in yet on just how impactful AR and VR will be moving forward, one thing we know for sure is that Mark Zuckerberg usually sees what lies beyond the horizon better than most.