You don’t have to be a software company to need a talented team of technology specialists. Every organization has servers, software, hardware and more that need proper care, maintenance, and upgrades. Today’s competitive digital world can make finding talent a little trickier than say an accountant, so here are some great places to find qualified candidates that go beyond the obvious online job boards.

  1. LinkedIn. Yes, there is a Jobs section on the popular social media destination, but you can be more creative in your recruiting. Search for the job title you’re looking for within the general population, and you’ll get an instant list of people who may not be looking right now, but might be worth a quick note to let them know what you are offering.
  1. GitHub. A very techie website specifically for coders. It’s where they keep the lines and lines of code they programmed safe. But the site also has a searchable directory that you can use to find some great coders and administrators within the IT world.
  1. Stack Overflow. It’s a Q&A forum for tech practitioners. Any Google search around any particular computer term is likely to surface a thread from this website. Like GitHub, it’s a treasure trove of talent from around the globe. A highly-ranked contributor could very well be your next go-to hire.

And once you know where to find the best fit for your job opening, it’s time to make them an offer they can’t refuse. Here are some standard perks and offers to include in your next winning candidate’s offer letter.

– Remote work. Always have this option on the table. It’s usually very viable to have your IT team work from home or a coffee shop of their liking. You’ll keep the player pool open with this perk.

– Bonuses. Sometimes a singing bonus is enough to ice the cake. When the competition is tight, a little money incentive can go a long way. Basing it on ongoing performance of the individual or your bottom line are options as well.

– Culture. A new hire wants to know what they are getting into. Do you have unique aspects to the way you work that make people feel valued and heard? Promote any fun perks that come with being a part of the team.