It’s one thing for your website to look good, but in 2022 and beyond, it’s also going to be important that your site works – that the functionality, along with performance, meets your customers’ expectations. One very specific element of your site that cannot be compromised is load time. The speed at which your site displays in a browser – mobile or desktop – can make or break your online success. And don’t forget about the IT support if things do go wrong!

Here’s why:

Multiple studies show that at least 25% of your visitors will click away from your site if it takes any page more than 4 seconds to load. People’s attention can be lost in record speed, so be sure you check on (and improve) your load time often.

Bounce Rate.
Related to #1 above, when dissatisfied customers leave your page – due to slow load time or any other reason – it’s tracked in your Google Analytics traffic report as “Bounce Rate.” Studies by Nielsen Norman Group show that your Bounce Rate can increase by over 400% if your page loads too slow. And there go your customers off to your competitor’s site to make their purchase.

Better Google Rankings.
Your search engine optimization (SEO) rankings in Google will improve if your website shows the capacity to load in a browser quickly. And conversely, Google relegates sites that are slow. It’s Google’s mission to provide search results for the most relevant, meaningful, and popular web pages, but they won’t compromise on that if functionality or performance do not meet their standards.

Mobile vs Desktop.
Google also rewards sites that have mobile-friendly pages. If your site requires users to pinch and zoom to see your content, then you need to re-evaluate in 2022 and find a content management system (CMS) that renders your web pages correctly for all screen sizes. This is a native feature in CMS platforms like WordPress and Squarespace. “Responsive Web Design” is the official name for this feature.

Head over to for the easiest way to test your website’s speed. Once you type in your URL it will give you a wide range of statistics about your website’s performance along with tips on how to improve them. You can always contact our IT consulting experts, too!