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StrikeWorks supplies break-fix and managed IT services to Los Angeles organizations. We’re an experienced IT support company that encompasses everything needed to run the technology aspect of your business. Monitoring computer networks 24-7, our providers catch issues before they become huge problems.

As we know, overseeing an entire technology system can be time-consuming, as well as and expensive. StrikeWorks provides businesses with the benefits of a traditional in-house department, but without the extra expense and overhead. So as business needs change and grow, or even if something goes wrong, we take care of it all. By providing solutions on time and within budget, it’s our goal to also assure that our technologies align and exceed goals. We believe that customers deserve cutting-edge solutions.

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Total IT

Proactive monitoring and maintenance around-the-clock.

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Cloud Solutions

Flexible tools that allow for easy remote access and scalability.

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Advanced Security

State-of-the-art network solutions to keep systems secured.

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24/7 Connectivity

Keep the entire team connected no matter where they are.

IT Support for SMBs, Healthcare & Enterpises

It isn’t enough to just have the right tools. They must work together cohesively. Our proactive maintenance and quick response times keep any organization ahead of the curve!

It is no secret that the correct technology solution can make a significant difference when it matters most. Expert-level analysis, done by our staff, addresses any missing functionality, so there are never any surprises. With this in mind, our real-time, 24/7 monitoring, ensures all networks are online, fully functioning and completely protected at all times.

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In today’s ever-changing and fast-paced world, no one can really afford even the slightest downtime. That is why a one-time contractor just doesn’t cut it anymore. For example, if a provider is only called when something breaks, then the rest of the time issues are building up in the background just waiting to wreak havoc. This could result in massive downtime, and possibly even worse (let’s not even think about that!).

As such, a strategic plan and full partnership can really help an organization achieve its maximum potential. Enjoy the benefits of an enterprise-level IT department without the high-end costs. StrikeWorks helps provide business computer networks the essential planning, budgeting, implementation and guidance needed without breaking the bank.

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IT Support Testimonials

It was fantastic to work together with StrikeWorks. They have an unreal ability to think outside the box and provide concrete solutions no one would ever think of. Many times I turned to them for help, and their collaboration and approach helped my business learn and grow.

Carlos C.

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